Terms and Conditions


24-hour car rental
Full Auto Casco – theft, fire, and natural disasters
Third-party liability insurance.
Unlimited mileage of cars
Round-the-clock roadside assistance
Full technical support of the cars
Road tax (vignette)
Replacement car in case of technical failure
Winter equipment


  • Fuel
  • Additional extras and equipment
  • Receiving/accepting a car during non-working hours
  • Damage to tires, wheels, and interior
  • Fines for violation of traffic laws
  • Fee for travel abroad

Rental period

Minimum rental period: 24 hours.

Payment methods

With us, you can pay in cash, by bank card or bank transfer.

Driver requirements

» 21 years of age
» Have a valid driving license, as well as an additional control coupon.
» You have a minimum driving experience of 2 years
» You have a valid ID
» Citizens of non-EU countries must present an international driver’s license when renting a car. The foreign driver’s license is accepted only for stays in the country of fewer than six months and against a certificate of the date of entry into the country/stamp of passport or boarding pass /.


When renting the car, the Lessee leaves a deposit in cash or by card. The value of the deposit varies depending on the rented car.


Our cars are delivered with a full or empty tank (depending on the season and the chosen model), and are returned as received. Please note that if the car is delivered with a full tank, but return it with an incomplete one, the difference is paid on the price of fuel at the time of return.

Terms and Conditions