How to capitalise on post-lockdown car hire

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With the current global corona pandemic still forcing several people to stay at home, a lot of businesses have been struggling to cope. In Sofia, car rental services in particular, have been struggling with the lowered volumes of traffic. This is especially true for car hire businesses at Sofia International airport. Despite all of these challenges, the ease in lockdown restrictions is bringing hope for plenty of company owners who plan on taking advantage of incoming travellers during the initial post-lockdown period. If you are one of those business owners, here are a few tips to help you boost your sales during that critical time:

Target airports

In Sofia, airport car hire is a very popular business since many tourists need transport during their time in the city. With several countries considering easing restrictions on travel, there is a great chance that a lot of people will be moving in an out of the city. This presents a great opportunity for you to capitalise and earn lost income.

Maintain your online presence

If you, like many other businesses, have been forced to shut your offices down then it’s imperative to maintain your presence on social media to ensure that people do not forget about your business. If you plan on attracting customers to your company after the lockdown, use the time away to promote future discounts, promotions and any other services that will catch their attention.

Share your post lockdown routine

One thing many people can agree on is that life after this pandemic will be very different from that of previous years. One such change you can expect, is general hygiene. A lot of people are bound to hold businesses accountable for their cleanliness and customers will be expecting a lot from you. If you want clients to have faith in your business’s ability to keep them safe, take the time to create a post-lockdown hygiene routine and share it online to let people know that you will not be taking their health lightly.

Overall, a lot of people will be looking to rent a car all over Bulgaria when the dust settles. If you want to capitalise on this post-lockdown period, open as soon as possible and implement a good marketing and hygiene strategy to attract as many customers as possible.