Why BG Rent A Car ?

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.

What is а rent a car service?

The concept of car rental was created more than 100 years ago, and the service has undergone significant development over time. Nowadays, the customer receives not only the desired car but also a wide variety of additional services such as full insurance, navigation systems for global positioning, winter equipment, winter tires, snow chains, entertainment systems, child seats, and many others included in the price.

More and more customers are choosing to take advantage of the rental car service, and the pursuit of improvement is leading to rapid progress in this area. The basic rule that all companies follow is that the vehicle must be returned in the same condition and with the same amount of fuel as at the time of rental. All damages and remarks on the exterior and the cabin must be accurately and described in the protocol upon receipt and return, because otherwise additional fees may be charged.

Last but not least, the client receives special treatment and care during his trip. There is no need to worry if a technical problem arises because you can easily contact the company’s employees. They will assist by sending a team of specialists to the scene, and if the damage is more serious, a replacement car will be provided. Also, BG Rent a Car offers completely disinfected new cars, because taking care of the health of our customers is especially important.

How to rent a car?

Renting a car is always a good idea for several reasons.

Here are some of them:

You want to make a great first impression at a business meeting or you are just trying to gather the whole family in one car to walk to grandma’s house in the mountains. Or maybe you live in a place where public transportation is not easily accessible or the cost of a private car is too high.

Renting a car can also be a real test drive. Have you thought about buying a certain brand of a new car? Instead of driving a limited time around Sofia with a well-trained and motivated car dealer, rent the desired car for the weekend trip and decide if you like it. You will feel the behavior of the car when traveling out of town, as well as what it is like to drive it in the city in heavy traffic. Familiarize yourself with the leading features for a few days, instead of realizing that there are malfunctioning systems after you have already bought them. However, it is good to be aware that the renter is not allowed to use the rented car for competitions, sporting events, and driving outside the designated roads.

That’s why renting a car is a cheap and economical way to pay according to your needs and save money on maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

What do you need to do and what documents are needed to book a car rental with us. Here are the basic requirements that must be met:

You need to provide a security deposit when renting the car by blocking a certain amount on a credit card. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the class of the rented car and the additional equipment. Even though in Bulgaria you have the right to a driver’s license at the age of 18, you still have to be 21 years old to rent a car, as well as a valid control card. There is a requirement for a minimum driving experience of 2 years, as well as a valid identity document – ID card/passport. Citizens of non-EU countries must present an international driver’s license when renting a car. The foreign driver’s license is accepted only for a stay in the country for less than six months and against a certificate from the date of entry into the country/stamp in the passport or boarding pass.